The Man on the Island

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Forty years in the making. One man, Colin McLaren, 77 years old, artistic, philosophical and erudite and one tiny island, Rakino, isolated with its own small community in the Hauraki Gulf, off the grid, challenging, and stunningly beautiful. The epitome of gorgeous New Zealand.Having bought the land in 1980 Colin finally fled to Rakino Island ten years later. A romantic dream worthy of Robinson Crusoe, but Colin is his own man. An Elam student, graphic artist and photographer, once very much part of the Auckland city art and movie scene, we follow his purchase of a plot of land on a remote island with nineteen permanent residents, the dreams realised and abandoned, the projects realised and abandoned, and the sometimes absurd, are told in his own words with humour and insight. He has learnt a lot from isolation and is happy to share.What has Colin been doing on the island for forty years? Maybe he is the ultimate greenie? Colin’s views hedged in a reclusive lifestyle and his own travelled path from society to isolation unwittingly shine light and solace on the plight of the 2020 Covid-19 world. This is the first post-Covid film made in New Zealand.

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Rated: E
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1hr 23min

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