COVID-19 Information

As a necessity for Shoreline to continue to bring your favourite A-List stars to the big screen, we are operating under My Vaccine Pass Covid Framework.

Proof of vaccination is required for entry into Shoreline by all persons over 12.

If you have a genuine medical exemption that should be included in your My Vaccine Pass.

We have built a self-scan kiosk at the entrance to help stream-line the process. Once you scan in, you’ll receive a little “Entry Permitted” ticket printed out, for you to hand to the staff at the counter.

If you are unable to scan in, your My Vaccine Pass can be sighted by a staff member. If a staff member can vouch that they have previously seen your vaccination passport, they will happily wave you through.



Masks are required to be worn when moving around the premises. They may be removed once seated for eating and drinking. 


Cinema Seating:

Similar to ‘Alert Level 2’, Social Distancing seating inside the auditoriums is required during Traffic Light  Alert Level– RED. Groups attending together may share a couch. People not attending together will not be seated on the same couch. NB: These seating requirements in some cases will limit the number of people who can attend a session, so booking prior is advised.  


Please note:

We acknowledge that those customers who are opposed to the My Vaccine Pass Framework are unable to enter the premises at this point in time. Regretfully, all we can offer is contactless takeaway coffees and food but we hope to welcome you back in the future.